1.)Someone fly or fresh
2.)a pimptress
Look at that girl go, she sure is a biju
by Lund April 27, 2003
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Possibly sexier than Jatin Chand , he is a short fat Indian man who has a 10km magnum cock. Cars run over his cock every day and he cums every nanosecond. If you meet a big Biju you are possibly the luckiest person to exist and he will change your life. He is stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. He comes around every 1000000000000000 years so if you find him you are very, very lucky. When he has sex girls and boys (it’s 2021) sit on his cock and he can hold a whole skyscraper on his penis. Big Biju is possibly the best person alive.
“Who has a 10km cock who is a sexy beast

Oh that’s Big Biju, he’s so hot”
by French Roadman May 18, 2021
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Big Biju has a 10km cock and comes around every 100000000000000000000000000000 years. He is a very lucky man
“Who is that sexy beast

Oh that’s Big Biju he has a 10km cock
by French Roadman May 18, 2021
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A Stupid baboon who likes to act hard and thinks big of himself. He makes fun of others to feel good and thinks he has friends to support him.
Biju Babu(N) is similar to A Hovan
by Some guy thats cool. March 31, 2010
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Girl to have sex with
Vem dançar, meu biju, biju!
Alegria no ar lamba
Nesse ano que vem também
Vou querer te levar
by bobbosabba February 14, 2023
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