1. ANBU is a japanese company that owns several anime such as Naruto and FMA.

2. A ninja rank in an anime called Naruto. These are the highest rank of ninja short of hokage (the leader of all ninja) and the sannin (the three most powerful ninja that arn't hokage). They are secretive to the point where their own village doesn't know their specific identities.
1. narutard: when is ANBU gunna release the next Naruto episode?
bastard_taisa: shouldn't you already know that?

2. narutard: if i was a ninja i would SO be in ANBU!
bastard_taisa: if you were a ninja, you wouldn't make it to genin. much less ANBU.
by bastard_taisa April 14, 2006
Someone above any god including gods of creation
by AnbuEevee February 13, 2019
Anbu is an Indian derogatory term that means having an incredibly stupid mind and having dark skin. However, despite this, many Indians still choose to name their children Anbu.
Tom: Yo he’s an Anbu
Anbu: Yeah I know right?
by Real_indian_lingo123 September 24, 2021
Some guy from Texas who loves to trash talk and date's his right hand, usually a sports Fanatic but only for Dallas Teams.
Shut up Aidan. God you are being such an Anbu tonight.
by Thewook June 15, 2019
Person1: Hey where did all five of those dorito party packs go?

Person2: Anbu ate them all.......
by Manwith769iqpoints February 8, 2020
The Anbu Of black ops Is a rare creature that Plays games on steam, he/she limits themselves to first person shooters and though they play Some MMO they are OG At Fps.
One Example is:
=KoL= The Anbu Of Black Op A.B is Known as an OG Counterstrike Source Player.
by JohnTheBatman December 2, 2011
biggest opp by Orpington station
doesn’t serve underaged people
that anbu person is a fucking opp mate he needs to get banged
by fuckanbu February 18, 2022