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The emotion felt when you walking along and someone with really sweaty arms brushes past any part of your skin

usually happens on a hot day and the result is you feel like screaming and shouting at the dude who may have done it accidently but you don't care - cos it was gross.

Plus you don't feel like wiping it with your hands or shirt... cos then you would just be spreading the sweat somewhere else.
It was a hot day and Lucy was on the bus holding to the handle when an overweight sweaty gentlemen came onto the bus. he tried to edge past Lucy but due to the nature of his size, brushed her arm as he went past. Hence lucy got a nice healthy portion of sweat all over her arms, and a sweat cringe ensued.
by London_guitarist August 10, 2010
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When you're eating food such as biscuits and grapes and you leave the last one in the packet as you know if you eat the last one you're gonna have to put the rubbish in the bin which is the otherside of the room.

However a battle can ensue if other members are playing the tactical eating game where noone eats the last item of food in the packet
2 Loungers are watching a movie in a living room and there is one biscuit left in the pack.

Lounger 1: Hey dude, why don't you have the last biscuit, I left it for you
Lounger 2: Nah that's cool dude, i'm totally stuffed, why don't you have it? I know you love them
Lounger 1: Godammit... he got me there

Hence Lounger 1 loses the tactical eating game
by London_guitarist August 7, 2010
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Usually Pronounced in a Jamaican Accent
meaning "Innit!"
Gangsta1:dude...i fucked the guy up proper, im gonna rape his mum next!!

by London_guitarist December 12, 2004
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Girlfriend: It's me or Pro Evo! what's it gonna be?
Boyfriend :...Pro evo

Girlfriend: Your not playing pro evo again are you?
Boyfriend : Yup!

Girlfriend: Ever since you bought that game you never spend time with me anymore!
Boyfriend carries on playing pro evo and ignores girlfriend

by London_guitarist March 10, 2007
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Cool guy, who has cool Sharingan eyes, and proper whips ass.
See episode 82 for his debut fight
Itachi: I won't take as long as Kisame if i do this...
Kakashi: Ninpou Suiton Suijinheki!!
by London_guitarist September 3, 2005
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see katon Goukakya no jutsu
KATON Goukakya no jutsu
by London_guitarist September 3, 2005
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Dude i turn on kerrang...i hear hysteria...i turn on xfm..i hear hysteria...evena radio 1 plays hysteria..i like the song but its overplayed
by London_guitarist December 20, 2004
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