when someone hates on you or tries to knock you off your grind you say “stay mad”
yuridia - look at her hair it’s so short

valeria - yuridia you stay mad
by yuri_is_a_hater March 1, 2019
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A phrase used in response to an individual who is clearly mad and/or in denial of being mad

Can also be used as "Stay mad as fuck" to denote an individual who is beyond mad
Player 1: Wow get out of the way of the ladder you fucking asshole.
Player 2: stay mad, faggot
Player 1: I'm not even mad, you're just griefing.
Player 2: stay mad as fuck, faggot
by NOHEROES March 20, 2014
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Used by basic twitter white girls as a response when they are losing an online argument.
Did you just respond with a fact-checked, calm, short reply? Stay mad, kid.
by Gyro Zeppeli August 18, 2019
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The phrase said by a self proclaimed "pro" but in reality its a skinny ass bitch that's probably in 4th grade and has no friends. You will see this phrase used again you if a toxic kid in a video game thinks you're complaining or something, namely roblox or cod.
you: "dude, just stop being annoying, I can report you"
kid: "stay mad ez"
you: "what a headass"
by pedudant March 7, 2022
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if you are mad abt meaning of names simply dont read the definition you pressed mfs
stay mad dont nobody care anyways!!
by ligma balls:) November 23, 2021
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Stay/mad is used for closeted men who act transphobic but who are in fact gay twinks who like to suck penis
Person1: I'm transphobic stay/mad
Person2: dont worry you can suck my dick any time
by Dreamstannn July 28, 2021
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the most untouchable comeback of all time. 6ix9ine himself put this phrase into existence and literally only dawgs with hella drip are allowed to use it. when combined with the lethal additions of "also, you're white", or "also, you're a stoopid doodoo poopy-face", or, if you're really brave, " also, i listen to gunna", opponents will be instantly folded.
tyler: "bruv, what's that large brown stain on the back ur pants which conceals ur ass"?
kyle: " dont care. stay mad. also, you're white. also, I listen to tyler, the creator. also, I roll my pants. also, I have circular glasses. also, joe mama. also, I want a fortnite burger".
by anthonyfortnitechungus September 13, 2020
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