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One of the strongest characters in Naruto, he is the prodigy of the Uchiha clan.

Was the number one rookie at the mere age of 7, had mastered the sharingan at 8, became a Chuunin at 9, and became an ANBU Captain at 13. Now 17, he is considered as one of the best shinobis in Naruto.

He left Konoha after slaughtering his entire family, except for his little brother Sasuke.
Hate me...Run, run, run. Live like a weakling, and learn to have me.

Even he is stronger than me...
by Siegfried July 13, 2004

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Search all you want, you will never find a more badass villain anywhere. Liquid is also one of the most brilliant characters ever created with an IQ exceeding 200. He will show you this throughout Metal Gear Solid, which is considered as one of the best games ever released.
"How does it feel, brother?" - Liquid Snake
"Don't call me your brother! I'm not your brother!" - Solid Snake

"SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!" - Liquid (best onomatopeia of all time)
by Siegfried November 27, 2004

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The man behind the Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid series. His other name is "God".

Was voted "One of the most influential man in shaping the future" by Newsweek.

His games often contain references to cloning.

Also vice-president of Konami.
I am the best. You all suck.
by Siegfried November 27, 2004

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Without doubt the greatest German football (soccer) team and one of the world's most elite. Bayern Munich has won the German title a staggering 18 times, the UEFA Champion League 3 consecutive years, among other titles.

It is also one of the richest clubs in the world, and has been home to numerous star players such as Franz "The Kaiser" Beckenbauer, who revolutionalized football during the 70's, Gerd "The Bomber" Muller, Sepp "Super GK" Meier, Lothar Matthaus, Mehmet Scholl, etc...

(The list is too long.)
Champions League winner in 74, 75, 76, 2001.

Always a force to contend with.
by Siegfried April 27, 2005

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Prequel to Metal Gear Solid 3, the epitome of video gaming. Within 2 days of its release, it was considered by the best in the series by gamers.

Added a new element to Konami's brilliant series: Survival.
"You'd be wise not to underestimate him, sir! On the battelfield, he is a real demon!"
by Siegfried November 27, 2004

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One of the most popular characters in SNK's major franchise, the King of Fighters. His style and pace have made him a fan favorite.

He is also the rival of the main character, Kyo Kusanagi.
Motto, mana, shine!!! (cry, scream, die!!!)
by Siegfried July 13, 2004

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