Depending on context if someone says it’s giving to you and adds nothing after then that means the person thinks you fine asl. Also applies to other nouns (looks good). If the person says it’s giving then adds something after then what they say after is what they think of the noun they’re talking about.
Girl1 : “ That boy over there girl, it’s giving
Girl 2: “ but his friend is giving stalker vibes so idk”
by Zeyung June 25, 2021
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“To give off” or an air or
This phrase refers to something that is or isn’t “it.”

Usually it’s used in reference to making plans but it can also be used to describe what the vibe of something is or what it “gives off”
It never gave be antisocial at the function” , “it’s giving go to dinner then the movies”
“Ooh yes that outfit is giving 90s Aaliyah sis!”
by Jihlikemoe September 12, 2020
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Attributed originally to a traveling Scandinavian in the UK, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as "fuck it." This phrase seems to simply state the obvious but actually implies helplessness in a similar vain to 'it is what it is'. Can be abbreviated to 'if it gives' in standard conversation. Phrase abstracted from this immortal quote; "If it gives it gives, if it doesn't it doesn't, it's just the same."
Q: Why do I always get the crazy ones?
A: If it gives it gives mate.
by NorthernGlory January 20, 2015
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Third abridgment of the original term "Give it up," which semantically became "Give it," and now is often more concisely spoken "Give."

syn: c'mon, give it up, give it, ah yeah!, 's'up dawg, numba!
"Hey, Bainz, give!"

Watching the game on TV, after my 14th beer, I began to jump up and down with the gang yelling "Give!" when the Huskers scored to pull within 17.

Compton slapped ol' Swain a smooth five as he said, "C'mon 'n' give, y'all."
by wount October 1, 2019
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used before describing something or if used alone means serving like serving a look
Wen I said “the dress is giving”
Or to describe something “it’s giving bundle up” if it’s cold outside
by MariamFromTheDMV March 23, 2020
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"It's not giving" refers to when something is not living up to its expectations.
"Hey sis, I just got my hair done, whatchu think?"
"Uhhh, it's not giving what it was supposed to gave sis-"
by Trap_bunny_bubbles July 8, 2021
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