2 definitions by Zeyung

Depending on context if someone says it’s giving to you and adds nothing after then that means the person thinks you fine asl. Also applies to other nouns (looks good). If the person says it’s giving then adds something after then what they say after is what they think of the noun they’re talking about.
Girl1 : “ That boy over there girl, it’s giving
Girl 2: “ but his friend is giving stalker vibes so idk”
by Zeyung June 25, 2021
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Depending on context it can mean what vibe/ the type of energy your on at a given moment
Guy 1: “ Right when I came home I grabbed her neck and pushed her up against the wall and she loved that shit”
Guy 2: “Damn you were on demon timing my boy
by Zeyung June 25, 2021
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