Attributed originally to a traveling Scandinavian in the UK, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as "fuck it." This phrase seems to simply state the obvious but actually implies helplessness in a similar vain to 'it is what it is'. Can be abbreviated to 'if it gives' in standard conversation. Phrase abstracted from this immortal quote; "If it gives it gives, if it doesn't it doesn't, it's just the same."
Q: Why do I always get the crazy ones?
A: If it gives it gives mate.
by NorthernGlory January 20, 2015
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When you take your wife/girlfriend to a swingers party or gangbang. It's considered a "Gift" that keeps on giving even when you're done having sex with her. There are other people around to keep giving it to her.
Yea, for Valentine's Day I brought my wife to a swingers party and that's a "Gift that keeps on Giving and Giving and Giving...."
by VAFRIENDS January 29, 2022
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As the saying "live and let live", this one is for those who give head and get upset when they hear their ex has done the same.
Me: "I heard she gave him head last night, what a tramp!"
You: "Dude, give and let give... she's gone."
Me: " Ugh, I never got that treatment."
You: "What did you expect when you banged her Mom?"
Me: "A threesome?"
by GlazeHer June 19, 2016
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This was used as a line in the show 'MAD TV' in one of the sketch's on the show. Its a spin off of "give me liberty or give me death!". Usually used by the dimmer white-trash man who didn't pay attention in Social Studies/History enough to understand the depth of the actual saying.
by Were-muffin September 19, 2008
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