An East London slang referring to a thing or event that has not been seen or verified. Could also be used when
Person A: Where's that girl you always talking about going to see? It's a myth!
by Funkyisms March 18, 2016
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A story about mystical beings, powers or events otherwise impossible to perform in reality that only exist in imagination.
The female orgasm that's the myth.
by FAT_COBRA October 3, 2004
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A true and genuine loss of words and or understanding about an action, place, event or even a name.
'Mythed' is a kin to baffled, baffed and snookered.....Mythed should be added to the Oxford dictionary because its sooo necessary.
Person a: Oh my days, how did she do that...?
Person b: I have no idea.....I'm trully mythed.
by SimpleSimon May 7, 2008
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It can be used as an expression to convey the rarity of something.
Friend 1: Did you see the total solar eclipse!?
Friend 2: Bro the total solar eclipse is a myth!
by Eternal_Paradox June 12, 2020
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A highly important person who mysteriously vanishes on a regular basis - usually during work hours
Has anyone seen Payney? He is such a myth
by jonny gee April 16, 2009
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1. n. A real-time strategy game created by Bungie, the same fine folks who brought us Halo and the Marathon series. While Bungie no longer supports the game, it still has a thriving, tho small, community, which can always be found on

2. v. To play Myth, esp. Myth II

Also see hoor.
by Chris Odegard May 16, 2004
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thuggest rap group in the states. started in houston TX, the group is gunna dominate the world of hip hop in the blink of an eye. Dnaps is totally awesome.
I love that song "Turn on My Blinkers" by MYTH. That song kicks ass.
by lemonade6969 March 23, 2011
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