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A true and genuine loss of words and or understanding about an action, place, event or even a name.
'Mythed' is a kin to baffled, baffed and snookered.....Mythed should be added to the Oxford dictionary because its sooo necessary.
Person a: Oh my days, how did she do that...?
Person b: I have no idea.....I'm trully mythed.
by SimpleSimon May 07, 2008
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Dying to fall damage. Usually getting thrown away from the bottom of your stairs.
I got mythed so hard. I went flying.
TSM_JuicyPunjabi didn't stick the landing, he got mythed.
TSM_Myth died from fall damage in the tournament. He got mythed a lot
by FortniteGOD6969 July 08, 2018
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