A videogame company generally credited for developing the infamous Halo series. They are actually owned by Microsoft, making them a second-party developer of games. Bungie's ultimate goal is world domination.
"Is Bungie's goal REALLY world-domination?"
"...uh, that's what they say."

"Bungie makes kick-ass games and I like them, but wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where there are other game companies?"
by Dave November 16, 2004
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Currently Bungie is the video game studio responsible for the Halo franchise, they became an independent studio in 2005.
They will some day rule the world using their seven steps to world domination.
Bungie is only four steps away from world domination.
by pappernackles June 8, 2009
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Mount Olympus; Where many of the Gods of Video Gaming live. (The rest are at Nintendo, id Software, Sega and wherever Peter Molyneux decides to show up.
Bungie shall own you all!
by InSaNe1024 April 15, 2004
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Bungie is the best video game developer ever. Period. They made Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. Need i say more? No. That's all you need to know to understand that Bungie pwns all other game developers.
"Dude I'm going to pwn u in Halo"
"not as much as Bungie pwns everthing else"
"right on, n00b"
by ein froosh April 10, 2005
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A Video Games developer that is well accredited for producing much of the Halo franchise, as well as the Destiny franchise.

They were originally part of Microsoft but the left to join Activision, but then left Activision to work on their own.

The company has seen great success with it’s leading game, Destiny 2. However, the company is becoming increasingly greedy and is listening to the playerbase less and less, slowly ruining the game.
Bungie is a video game production company known for Halo and Destiny.
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"Bungie" is the "new" "Bungie" that made Destinies 1 and 2. Both terrible games.
"Bungie" is also becoming worse than 343 Industries.
"Bungie" hates its player base and Marty O'Donnell.
"Bungie" is a hypocrite for wanting creative freedom, yet at the same time they joined Activi$ion. Known for making the same games every year.
"Hey, did you know "Bungie" removed forsaken from destiny 2?"
"The only DLC worth buying in that shit game?"
"Yes. They also sued Marty for some fucking reason."
"They've been shit ever since they made Halo Reach"
by itchywetscrotumandtesticles October 21, 2021
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A game developer that used to be amazing. After they left Microsoft, they joined activi$ion and became the most disappointing company ever with the release of Destiny. Sure, they left activision (fucking finally) but they’re gonna keep fucking up, let’s be real. Some Chinese company bought a bunch of their stock. Ugh...
by ~Emo4Life December 28, 2019
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