A typo of idk when they are too lazy to correct themselves
by Manuel Luis Torallba Molion November 22, 2019
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Something you say when you don't have anything else to say
'Hey bro do you like my shirt?"
by Espoiri May 31, 2019
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Those people in high school who were born to be bullied and people get joy out of bullying them. In order to create an isk, you must take one's first initial of their first or last name and add "isk". By creating isk you lower the individuals dignity basically flushing it down the toilet.
Ken Smith smells so bad and is easy to make fun of. We should call him kisk or sisk.
by Moob machine October 30, 2017
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“hey did you hear Sarah got the clap
“isk matthew gave it to her”
by #wuelord June 15, 2019
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In the MMO Eve Online: InterStellar Kredits, the in-game currency.
I ratted all day and made some dank ISK!
by BitterVet June 21, 2019
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Adjective - used to describe immense sadness that cannot be put into words
Person 1: "omg my mum just died"
Person 2: "aww man, isk"
by EmmaandZainareawesome November 11, 2014
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online slang for "it's okay". typically used when forgiving someone
Girl: OMG I totally forgot that it's ur bday today!
Guy: isk thanks
by JeonJungKookFangirl June 26, 2018
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