I just lost 100 bucks from investing in the stock market. I'm gonna put $100 more in, I'm sure I'll do better this time!
by mad5793 February 26, 2015
1. The act of purchasing investments.
Microsoft did some major "investmenting" in 2009, to the tune of over $30 billion.
by bill gates investmenting123 December 2, 2010
Invested: Provide someone/thing with a particular quality.
He was so invested when he screamed about the spider
by Lilith2003 December 6, 2016
To fill a building or premises with paying patreons for the purpose of a paranormal investigation.
We were impressed with last night's investation at our paranormal investigation.
by Hauntedchick September 21, 2020
inej ghafa: you came back for me
kaz brekker: i protect my investments
by 1275_nina December 6, 2021
A girl who is ignored despite having underated hotness due to temporary problems such as being overweight, having braces, having acne, etc.
While others ignore her you flirt with her slightly off and on until the day comes when she becomes the hottie you expected her to be.
Greg: dude that girl got hot this summer.
Jon: yea my investment finally paid off.
by Guru Master July 2, 2006
invest- to carry out. the act to doing something and puting time into.
yo dawg lets invest in that party this weekend.

Yo guy wanna invest in some herbs?
by looks August 4, 2003