6 definitions by looks

a girl slut who is good looking. A trick who is a honey, sweet looking.
yo check that troney in da back of the club...she`s seen yo.
by looks August 4, 2003
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invest- to carry out. the act to doing something and puting time into.
yo dawg lets invest in that party this weekend.

Yo guy wanna invest in some herbs?
by looks August 4, 2003
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A word that Kami made and it’s hers
Did you hear about how Kami made the word hoebag!
by looks January 3, 2019
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another adjective for crap. a good substitute for bad.
by looks August 4, 2003
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A truly intangible concept. A concept that can only be drawn out by a certain festive ambience. When this collective of deranged kooks unite, there is no extent, and no limit to what can happen. There is no edge.
Some fear the second coming of Ignition, the rest are unaware of its existance.
by looks February 25, 2003
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agreeing to the subject at hand; to be cool with the subject.
yo dawg that movie was seen

yo wanna hit that jam?
yeah lets hit it, seen?
by looks August 4, 2003
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