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motherfucking park jimin!!! is a very good looking person. he is observationally cute, sexy, hot and all that other good shit i’m still too lazy to mention.
person one: jimin is so sexy!!
person two: that’s because he’s motherfucking park jimin!!!
by 1275_nina January 11, 2019
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This is the ARMY alphabet (AKA the real alphabet).
Non-ARMY person: "The alphabet goes abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz."
ARMY person: NOOO!!!! It's abcdefghijungkooklmnopqrmtaeuvwxyeontanz."
by 1275_nina November 13, 2018
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potfish is slang to describe someone who is hot and sexy. pot is 3 letters like the word hot and fish is 4 letters like the word sexy.
person one: min yoongi is soooo potfish.

person two: so is kim taehyung!!!
by 1275_nina January 14, 2019
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inej ghafa: you came back for me
kaz brekker: i protect my investments
by 1275_nina December 6, 2021
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