a complete badass who is handy with knives. known for buying hats for her investor.
my darling inej, treasure of my heart, would you do me the honour of acquiring me a new hat?
by an SoC stan June 30, 2021
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Inej is the type of woman who will always hold more love for others in her heart that she will sometimes forget it was her own to begin with. She’s loyal, faithful, pious and good. An Inej will always comfort you in times of need and offer good advice. Inej could never do wrong and if she does, she will make sure that action will have no echo.

Never underestimate an Inej. Despite her enormous heart and optimistic personality, she is very skilled with knives and will not hesitate to protect the ones she loves from harm.
by thewraiths March 19, 2022
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Ive just bought a new mobile..its so gd INEJ.
by mraas July 30, 2008
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