When something can be described as "creepy as fuck“ it is called "creepy shit"
Damn that Creepypasta I just read was some creepy shit, I may just shit bricks who needs sleep.
by Otakuloid13 December 31, 2015
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The sort of feeling most teenage girls get while walking on the street as they are stared at by older Hispanic (usually unattractive) men driving by in red pick-up trucks.

Often accompanied by a yellow, crooked smile with missing teeth, elevator eyes, perfectly symmetrical mustaches, dirty trucker hats/baseball caps, and practically always, a lawnmower or assorted landscaping tools in the back.

See also: any ex-boyfriend/girlfriend you've broken up with in the past who refuses to stop driving past your house everyday at 3:30 PM, shaking their left fist in remorse; your high school chemistry teacher who always seems put his leg on your desk while wearing short-shorts, giving you a close-up on his saggy balls.
Stay away from Baskin-Donuts on Fridays; I get the most creepy as shit looks from those landscaper truck guys.

Mr. Barry is creepy as shit.
by Somebody So Especial May 31, 2006
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