It is a play on the term "shit hits the fan" used as the name of the first episode of the fifth season of South Park. In the episode they say the word "shit" 162 times. The cursing became justifies and aired uncensored.
Jane: My favorite episode is It Hits the Fan

Rose: Mine's Crippled Summer

by Shit_just_hit_the_fan3435 June 15, 2015
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An expression that which a horrible disaster or something big has happened, or just going out of control
When I heard that loud thud of the boat exploding, I knew shit hit the fan.
by The Jester of Madness! September 26, 2015
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When an action takes place bringing about a number of undesiarable consequences.
The shit realy hit the fan just about the time we shot at that S.W.A.T. guy.
by Bubba Miarkovich June 19, 2003
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The point at which "the shit hits the fan" is the point at which an already unstable situation devolves into utter chaos, often in spite of--or even due to--a higher authority's attempt to control it.
"But what happens if the cops try to suppress the protest?"
"Well, then, the shit hits the fan."
"A full-scale riot?"
by Shockz0rz October 21, 2006
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Basically, this is when emotions break loose and people get hurt. A literal meaning would be that shit gets on everybody due to the intrinsic nature of the fan.
"I found out my brother was sleeping with my wife, and that's when shit hit the fan."
by Define Please June 14, 2016
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Expression - A derivative of the original: "The excrement made physical contact with a hydro-electric powered oscillating air current distribution device". Used primarily to describe a set of circumstances where events became inflamed to a point that control was lost.
Her insults rolled of me like water but the shit hit the fan after she claimed to possess information leading to proof that my Mother wore Army boots.
by regedt32 April 6, 2004
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