a rap/metal duo that look like Ronald MC Donald and his fat boyfriend that eats too much big macs.
guy 1:did you see insane clown posse at the VBC?

guy 2:its more like insane clown pussies
by m>a>t>t July 17, 2006
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Talentnless rap group who think they are down with some gay clown or something. Also their fans are very annoying
Person who likes good mucic: ICP sucks

ICP fan: liek omgz! fuck you Insane Clown Posse is teh pwnsorz!!!111 lolllllzzz.

Person who likes good music: *slaps ICP fan*
by Mario Santiesteban July 18, 2006
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A group of faggots that think they're the shit/are practically a father figure to pussies and douchebags everywhere. Nobody but white trash and even dumber faggots like them. They have no musical talent whatsoever, and the group of people that DON'T like them are bigger than the group of people who DO.
ICP fan 1: I'm a total faggot and i suck so much dick i lost my gag reflex. but it's okay because i listen to insane clown posse. why does everyone hate on us?

ICP fan 2: yeah I'm a total homo too and i take so much dick up the butt i'm numb from the waste down. and I think it's cause we're gay

Everyone else on earth: we hate on you because you're something you will never see: pussies.
by Anonymous1231231 July 30, 2009
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If you listen to this band dont hope on growing up. If you do, you might just be the first.
I suppose you could just go whine about fucking killing fucking polic fuckers with your fucking faygo fucks.
kid: hey man fuck you im bad ass and shit because I listen to insane clown posse, look I wear chains and im a scrawny piece of white trash.
big black bouncer: im going to crush you like a bug with my huge ass cock because im actually bad ass because I dont walk around like a fucking clown(...) wearing chains and talking shit
kid: I listen to ICP.... I like that....
big black bouncer: I guess you do win.
by ICPblowscock December 28, 2006
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intentionally making the worst rap songs possible. There songs have no meaning and they just rant on about pointless random crape. One of the members names shaggy 2 dope bahhhhhh die die die.
Example of icp song stir-rate fom da hud shaygy 17'th dow-pah 123 times 2 to the six get your fix of the limp biskit mix: I threw a baseball at your face jumped on your balls-spit in your eye then gouged your crotch out, I flattened your sisters face with a bludgeoning iron then sat and threw her with my magic stick, I fucked you up I shagged you with my magic stick.
by icp April 21, 2005
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An incredibly talented musical group with the utmost amazing instrument playing abilities known to mankind. ICP, otherwise known as Insane Clown Posse, are the peak of this modern day civilization as we know it. ICP is known for dressing up as sadistic, mentally unstable clowns who enjoy vibrating their vocal chords about the following ideas, beliefs, and opinions, but are NOT limited to: head lice in one's arm pits, cutting bigots spinal cords in half (who doesn't want to do THAT now?), general distaste and negative angst toward the police department in general, the boogie man, and many many more very interesting and thought provoking topics.
Upon the first time hearing ICP I was immediately impressed by their captivating use of the English language. Explaining to me how AND why they planned on killing a police officer kept me entertained for hours. If you really do take a look deep down into ICP's lyrics you will find just more and more intelligent ideas that would greatly improve the world today.
Albert: Hey Fred, Have you ever heard of the band, "ICP?".
Fred: Oh, insane clown posse? Yeah, I heard they were a bunch of wankers quite frankly..
Albert: You heard wrong friend! These people are the cream of the crop! They are the height of intellectuality this world has ever and will ever see! They're a godsend!
Fred: Thanks for clearing my mind and saving me from damnation Albert! I'll be off now to listen to this excellent band and draw pictures of a man running with an axe on all my binders!
Albert: Splendid!
by Perriwinkle June 10, 2006
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The worst band in the history of music. Consists of two white-trying-to-be-black losers who coudn't make music if their lives depended on it. Use the word fuck more than any group i have ever heard. Oh yeah, and they can't get laid.
Example of an Insane Clown Posse 'lyric':

Then I hit the bitch Met this bum in the back of a dumpster Fucked her in the rumpster, juggaluga humpster Had to take a piss, so I pulled out my wang Then I heard my dingaling sang Your nuts we want your nuts We'll itch and scratch and bite your nuts Your nuts we want your nuts Please, oh please, fuck dirty butts (sluts)

by matt January 22, 2005
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