v. In the computerized offense report system for a major urban police department in southeast Texas, there is a drop-down list of actions a suspect may perform during the commission of a crime. #55 is "Tongue Anus." To "fifty-five" someone means that they are so incredibly hot that you'd even consider performing an act that you'd otherwise never do.
Guy 1: "Whoa! Check out that chick who just walked in!"

Guy 2: "She's hot! I'd fifty-five her in a heartbeat."
by Nite Owl June 13, 2007
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Mildly derogative yet humorous way of greeting your asian friends. Derived from comedian Russel Peter's stand up shows.
Asian friend - "Hey guys...."

Other friends - "FAWTY-FIVE-FIFTY! AIE! How's it goin' down there? We was just talkin' bout you..."
by anthubc2010_fawtyfivefifty October 8, 2010
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