A medical condition that affects one in seven couples yet isn't widely talked about. It can be both life changing and devastating. It can be caused by male or female factors or a combination of the two. Sometimes there is no explanation.

Most of us spend a long time trying not to get pregnant and then assume that we will become pregnant very quickly when we decide the time is right. For 15% of us it will take longer than a year and many of these will seek the assistance of treatments like Clomid, IUI or IVF to try and make it happen.

For some it seems worthwhile going through arduous treatments in order to keep hope alive and for others it makes more sense to accept the situation and move on as a childless couple. Some will seek to have children through donor gametes or by adoption.

There is support out there on websites and in support groups where you can talk to others who are in similar situations; people who understand.
Infertility deserves more attention and awareness.

Stay strong xxx
by Little Miss Me September 29, 2010
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These are all your friends that don't have kids yet or have chosen to never have kids.
They only invited the infertiles over to the house warming at their new house because they didn't want it trashed by kids.
by rocketrex May 10, 2010
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not able to have happy fun time
the man became infertile and wasn't able to do happy fun time.
by bruhhhhmoment February 15, 2021
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someone who’s not submissive and breedable, a mega chad
-are you submissive and breedable?
-no, im dominant and infertile
by li4r August 7, 2021
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When someone has so many kids they can't support a fun
lifestyle for themselves.
Joe never gets a latte on coffee runs or goes to happy hour; he has fun infertility, he's got to pay child support on all 5 of those kids.
by floorfly November 13, 2010
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