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An activist media network which includes websites, small newspapers, radio stations, and some tv programs. Indymedia websites are coordinated and can be found at

The term is also used in a large sense to mean any media organization which is small, decentralized, not supported by a professional staff of journalists.

Indymedia is often associated with and support of many left wing causes. It's vocal support of palestinians has brought many charges that indymedia is anti-semitic. Most of indymedia's coverage has been around issues related to globalization and the anti-globalization movement.
The protesters setup an indymedia center during the WTO ministerial meeting in Cancun.
by rabble March 17, 2006
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A chain of several localized websites where 16-year-old stoners with Che T-Shirts can pretend to be journalists and write bullshit news articles containing zero credibility or research. What better way to fight back against the corporate-controlled media by getting your news by some of the most blatantly agenda-driven sources in the world? YUH MAAN FOCK DA SYSTEM RAGE AGINST DA MACHINE!!!1!!
Oh Indymedia, what won't you blame on the Jews?
by Ralphy Mama March 07, 2005
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Biased communist propaganda marketed as "unbiased" or "independant."
Indymedia is a wonderful news site if you want to get opinions that basically blame the Jews for everything.
by The Truth August 28, 2003
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Communist and anti-semitic propaganda-passed-off-as-news source that is full of dung and doublethink.
by Korora September 15, 2003
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An online news site/weblog run by people on the far left of the political spectrum. Has interesting articles (though some may find them biased) and some great protest photos, HOWEVER, this site is chock-full of anti-Jewishness.
I checked out indymedia for a little news, and was turned off by all the anti-Jew postings.
by thinkingliberal October 19, 2004
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Alternative online news source created by and for the activist crowd.
Excerpted from an article: As the winner was announced for the "News" category, two masked people ran onto the stage. One, who later identified themself as 'Rabble' - the maintainer of the website - grabbed the "News" award from the host, shouted: "f--- the corporate media!" then ran off the stage taking the award with him. The host fumbled and said, "someone just took off with the award..." The other person, wearing a bandana as mask, took pictures of the event and identified himself as an Indymedia reporter.
by Ben Schumin November 28, 2003
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