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Not In My Back Yard; someone who opposes anything built right by where they live.
NIMBYs cause a lot of things to not get done.
by Korora November 17, 2003

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A self-propelled watermelon from the Demented Cartoon Movie that appears with fanfare and zooms along until it splatters against a surface.
Dadadada-dadaaaaa! Wheeeeeee! *splat*
by Korora February 17, 2005

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A creature from Star Trek that breeds like crazy. Wiped out by the Klingons, but a starship from the future brought one back into its own time, thus restoring the species.
Tribbles are so cute but so prolific.
by Korora November 17, 2003

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a songbird of the family Passeridae or of the family Emberizidae
There are so many sparrow species.
by Korora December 03, 2003

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A family of songbirds known for their singing abilities. Includes the bluebirds, nightingales, robins, and many more.
Oh look! A wood thrush!
by Korora April 04, 2004

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First a Maia of Aulë, then Melkor's lieutenant, then tyrant of Mordor.
Sauron was the Lord of the Rings.
by Korora November 13, 2003

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A Jew of the tribe of Benjamin who helped avert Haman's attempt at a holocaust.
Mordecai then replaced Haman as Vizier.
by Korora February 12, 2004

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