Friends who try to get you in to Fortnite.
Friend1: "Hey, you should try Fortnite man. I've got 2 victory royales and lost 2 girlfriends." Friend2: "Don't listen, thats communist propaganda"
by urbanabortnite January 2, 2019
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Communist covid propaganda (CCP) is the style of propaganda generated by the West Taiwanese government at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic whereby video footage showed people dropping dead in the streets and people in biohazard suits sterilising streets and buildings en masse. Initially high numbers of deaths were reported by the West Taiwanese government, but they seem to be one of the few countries in the world that have "reduced their number of cases" enough that it is no longer newsworthy - this is unlikely due to effective crisis management.

Despite the spread of the virus globally, there have been few, if any such incidents (people dying in the streets/mass sterilisation squads etc.) elsewhere in the world.

This propaganda was likely intended to frighten people around the world, including governments, so as to destabilise and cripple them whilst providing West Taiwan free reign to accelerate their progress toward being the world's superpower.
Guy 1: "Hey, did you see that 420 people dropped dead from covid in Tiananmen Square on their way home from work?"
Guy 2: "Oh you silly goose. That's just Communist covid propaganda! We all know no one has ever died in Tiananmen square"
by Souper Rare January 15, 2022
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