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LUE2 started off as a decent website with a nice administrator and some cool users. Then word got out to the wannabe LUEsers who then came into the site since it wasn't excLUEded. They took over and now are under the impression that they are LUEsers so they have incurred LUEshi's wrath upon their message board and are now known as the forsaken ones. They walk in an etheral world of misguided ways and nazi administrators and moderators. There are some good people there amazingly though. Luigiman/Duffman, hails from there and constantly breaks the TOS. MetalMind, a moderator, is one of the few decent mods along with Brossman. Shattered Soul was a user there who was extremely intelligent, but left because he couldn't handle Snake's bullshit. Then there's sfsc, the only good admin and a genius coder. But then there is the bad side headed by the admin Snake, or Silent Strike. He has been called a 12 year old on a power trip. His moderations are bullshit and he is infallible. Alsot there is the, supposedly "Pwnsome", Vash. He is an Ass. Shadowdiddy, a troll, Haifista, an idiot obsessed with foreskin, and Deganveren, just stupid. LUE2 has been subjectede to many invasions and flamings. LUElinks, regardless of its non-existence, has frequently wreaked havoc upon the site. LUE2 had attempted to create a LUElinks spinoff, but LUElinks prevailed and LUE2links was shut down. LUE2 still beats strongly today and Silent Strike sits upon his throne of mediocrity, ignoring all threats against his site and allowing the emptiness of his world to fill himself. Soon, though the site will become more of a threat than we could imagine.
LUE2, the gateway to internet hell.
by The Truth March 09, 2005
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The Best message boards of all the Gamefaqs/LUE spinoffs Owned by Snake/Silentstrike/Scud(all one person, now located at gamingevolved.net
LUE2 PWNs LUElinks in all ways shapes and forms.
by The Truth March 23, 2005
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A phrase used in detective stories to describe the one vital clue that causes the whole plot to fall in to place.

"I couldn't figure it out...until I saw the tube of toothpaste."
by The Truth October 20, 2003
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Someone who posts a lot of clickbait Facebook statuses, asks for everyone's social media, or nags them for their number out of extreme thirst, or the fact that they have no friends in real life.
Dude: i swear i see the person posting all the time on Facebook
Dude: IKR, he's such a hochboy
by The Truth August 31, 2016
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A state where the multitudes in Chicago (and its collar) blame their woes on "Springfield" as if it weren't PRIMARILY elected officials and political players from Chicago (and its collar) making the decisions in Springfield.
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley wants to put additional pressure on Springfield to allow a casino in the city.
by The Truth December 28, 2004
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Biased communist propaganda marketed as "unbiased" or "independant."
Indymedia is a wonderful news site if you want to get opinions that basically blame the Jews for everything.
by The Truth August 28, 2003
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-N- A rap group from the city of Detroit.Band members consist of Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J.Most famous for their fan base and Live show.Most people dislike this band due to their lyrics being dubed "Childish"and"Rude" But, Underneath the jokes serrious issues are discussed I.E Abuse(Halls of Illusion) Etc.

-Syn-ICP,IcP,Insane "Clownz" Posse,Gwars Rap Cousine
-Negative SYNs- Insane cuwnz pusy,ianse clownz posse , Insane clown pussys, The crap band,THIS IS NOT AVRIL LAVIGNE THIS SucKS .
-Possitive Syns-NOT YELLOWCARD,It's better than avril lavigne
In the live show I was doused with a lot of Faygo
by The Truth March 18, 2005
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