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Incorrect usage of the name for the band "Lostprophets".
omg, i <3 ian from teh lost pr0phets!1!!!!
by N February 26, 2004
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1. the most beautiful eyes you will ever see, ever.

2. the only girl with the soul to match them.
one day i am going to marry my icey b.
by N January 29, 2004
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a nice guy... or sweet boy, who will go out with a girl name jane...
by N November 22, 2003
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BTS is world wide pop group that contains 7 member, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan. Members are Kim Namjoon (the leader), Kim seokjin, Min yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook. This group debuted at June 13 , 2013 under Big hit Entertainment.
BTS , someone that is probably better than you in everything. :)
by N December 14, 2020
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The greatest comedian to rock this world. With his main man Ricky, and his girlfriend Julie, he sets out to save the world.
me Julie, Ricky, Dave, Tupac, the PM, punani, massive, west side the best side!
by N June 19, 2004
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