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12 definitions by Ben Schumin

Department store, competitor to Wal-Mart. Upscale-ness indicated by alternate pronunciation with a French twist on it.
I went shopping at Target.
by Ben Schumin November 25, 2003
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Device attached to a telephone headset that, when activated, will turn off the microphone of the headset, while the customer can still be heard by the person wearing the headset.
The person hit his clicker while he laughed at the person on the other end of the line.
by Ben Schumin November 25, 2003
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To change clothes, as in for physical activity. Most commonly used in physical education classes regarding putting on one's gym suit.
Students are expected to dress out for class and participate each day in class unless otherwise directed by their Instructor or by Doctor's note.
by Ben Schumin November 25, 2003
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Class of New York subway cars that were painted red to prevent vandalism. Car classes are R36 and R33. Retired in 2003.
I took a Redbird to Grand Central as part of my commute today.
by Ben Schumin November 25, 2003
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Alternative online news source created by and for the activist crowd.
Excerpted from an article: As the winner was announced for the "News" category, two masked people ran onto the stage. One, who later identified themself as 'Rabble' - the maintainer of the website - grabbed the "News" award from the host, shouted: "f--- the corporate media!" then ran off the stage taking the award with him. The host fumbled and said, "someone just took off with the award..." The other person, wearing a bandana as mask, took pictures of the event and identified himself as an Indymedia reporter.
by Ben Schumin November 28, 2003
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Term to describe the epitome of homosexuality. Used on an episode of Roseanne.
He couldn't be any gayer even if his name was Gay Gayerson!
by Ben Schumin December 2, 2003
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