Someone who is always hyper, crazy, lovely, wonderful with a brilliant sence of humour and fit as! (Not tooting my own horn by the way).
OMG!!! She is soooooo Indi
by PeanutButterJellyTime January 9, 2008
She's THAT BITCH! Don't ask about her past cuz they have trust issues and probably won't tell you. but if they do your lucky. (They have nice tiddies) 😳👉👈
...Who is she?

Oh thats..... Indi

...She's hot

Good luck 😂
by Tiktok-you. April 14, 2020
Indi's are adorable, funny girls with great senses of humor. Usually blonde. Indis have beautiful eyes, and are great athletes. They have athletic bodies. Indis have a tendancy to flirt with boys, and they depend on friends.
OMG I love herrr she's such an Indi!!
by Xoxomsmouse December 5, 2013
Indi is sweet caring and her eyes can be mistaken for jewels. Her personality can be described with 3 words, everyone, loves, her. She has a smile that can cure even the severest of depressions. Her voice is sweeter than an angel, her dancing is better than Jagger, her acting of world class. She is destined for the stage. She is beautiful. She is all you could ever want from a human.
I wish I could be with Indi for ever although she is way out of my league.
by Alexanderthedudeboi May 11, 2020
Indi is sweet, caring, funny, she has a beautiful voice, and she is an extremely popular girl. She has eyes that could be mistaken for jewels. She can dance like a professional, she has acting skills that are naturally phenomenal. If your name is Indi then I'm sure your destined for the stage. No one can compare to her smile. Her smile can cure the most severe of depressions.
I feel safe when Indi is near, but she is too good for anyone but the most handsome, most generous and the richest man in earth.
by Alexanderthedudeboi May 11, 2020
"Indi" is short for "independent".
Like Indie but with a dropped "e" (who needs that darn "e" anyways‽)
Melon Rusk was in his garage building an indi space programme all year, I could've

done that but I was too busy playing my cousin's indi game to build my own space program. They both work so hard! I wanna go to the indi film festival for inspiration, before I start my indi project!

Corporations & large groups aren't indi!!!
by IAmPseudonyMeRoar!!! November 23, 2018
An Indi is a grey tabby cat.
An Indi is very moody but is sometimes loveable and loyal.
An Indi is very antisocial
An Indi loves sleeping
An Indi loves wet food
An Indi loves the outdoors
An Indi loves exploring fields
An Indi loves exploring trees
An Indi is female
An Indi loves her humans
An Indi is always comes back from outside
Girl 2: Oh hi kitty, You Look like an Indi
Girl 1: oh, well thats her name!
by YasssKween May 19, 2022