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It's a town in Indiana, you filthy perverts. Seriously, what were you expecting?
Normal Person: I was down in French Lick the other day...
pervert: Hee hee.. french lick..
Normal person: ......
by 05C21 May 26, 2008
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A game where a group of people, male and female, pick two players to remove their clothes until they are naked and cover their chest and genitalia with whipped cream and everybody else has to pick a spot in one of those areas and lick a portion off until one of the players has little to no whipped cream remaining on their body. It doesn't matter whether the person covered in whipped cream is the same gender as the person who has to lick a section off. There are three levels to the game. In the first level, the two competitors are female. The second level, the competitors are both male. In the final level, the competitors are male and female. The levels can be rotated until every person in the group has been chosen. The game players have a choice about whom they want to lick and there are no boundaries. There are different variants of the game. For example, players can have winners in each level compete against each other until there is one person left as the winner. This game is popular with bi-sexuals, people who are comfortable with their sexuality, or anyone curious enough to experiment the same sex.
Girl #1: "I'm so bored at this party!!"
Boy #1: "I know what you mean!"

Boy #2: "Hey everyone! How about we play French lick?"
Girl #2: "I'm down for it! How about you guys? Wanna play?"

Girl #1: "I don't know...."
Girl #2: "C'mon, you know you wanna!" *starts touching girl's hips*
Girl #1: "Oh, all right! As long as you keep picking me." *smile sexily*
Girl #2: "Oh, I will." *licks lips*

Boy #1: "Sweet!" *brofists boy #2*
by cassylisa October 28, 2012
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