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A phrase, origin of which is in Hebrew . It's equivalent to " never mind" or perhaps indicates of something very unimportant or easy to do.
He: hey are you sure its ok for you to pick me up tomorrow?
Me : sure! in the little....
by Sher March 16, 2005
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a phrase that means that something is not that important or doesnt deserve much attention in your opinion. comes from hebrew and is very popular in israel.
he: dude, that guy broke your plate.
me: in the little
by assaf mad-x May 15, 2005
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translated from hebrew, meening: 1.regarded to an event that happaned and is not to be takken to sieriously 2.taking things in proportion
you: darn, i lost a million dollars deal.
me: in the little
by leeron March 22, 2005
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