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The Dom in a DDLG relationship. Usually the person that takes care of a little.
My Caregiver is so sweet~ She lets me sit on her lap whenever I want!
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by Big_Gay_Mommy69 September 14, 2018
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Someone who devotes all there time, feelings and resources to help other people. He/she only cares about others especially people close to him/her. Does not care about his/her own body or feelings.
They are caregivers. They care not for themselves, only others.
by Han Solo347 April 21, 2016
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Someone who moves in with an aging relative so they can later screw their siblings out of inheritance.
The caregiver convinced his mom to re-write her will, since freeloading in her home made him more deserving of the full inheritance.
by Quintue November 06, 2018
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