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There is a LARGE difference between a NOOB/N00b and newb. A newb is short for newbie and is a person who is new to a game and is typically not skilled at the game, though they are willing to learn and get good. A n00b is someone who thinks they're awesome or MLG at a game but aren't or just suck regardless of exp. They also tend to speak fluent "L33T" and have blatant disrespect for people of authority or people with real skill and call them haxors.
Everyone was a newb once but never become a noob, you'll have no friends/partner/life
by DUGY November 8, 2015
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what you're doing when you're really playing W.o.W or reading this.
GUY 1 : hey can you come over.
GUY 2 : nah doing homework
GUY 1 : man that sucks

GUY 2 : sorry "HOMEWORK"
GUY 2 : YEAH you want to do "HOMEWORK" together
by DUGY November 15, 2015
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girl: wow it's so... little
Guy: I know
by DUGY November 7, 2015
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