1. Term of endearment, usually directed toward a female.

2. Type of Sexy Lingerie
1. C'mere Babydoll and let me hold you close.

2. I want to rip that babydoll off your body and ravage you from head to toe
by John March 26, 2004
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1. an affectionate nickname for a girl or boy who you think is absolutely amazing
2. a spin off of "babygirl" or "babyboy"
3. personally known as chase lyday by lisagirl
1. "Hey, babydoll, you lookin' fine"
2. "Sup, babydoll? Wanna dance?"
3. "Hey, babydoll, how many propositions did you get today?"
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
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A term of endearment that players and bad boys, usually from the South, use to call a cute girl whom they see as a sex object. If he's called you this, it should clue you in that he's not serious about you but is attracted to you.
Me: Robert, you're 40 and we've been dating a long time. Is this relationship going anywhere?
Robert: Oh, Baby Doll, don't you worry your purdy lil' head. Just come over here and give me some sugar!
by SweetGirl29 February 18, 2008
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A good-looking white girl.
"Now all Beyonces... and Lucy Lius... and baby dolls... get on the floor...."
by rapmasta April 28, 2004
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