15 definitions by Antisarcasm

or: deductionist

(n.) a person who always likes to use deductive reasoning (esp. leading topics to a more specific sense or conclusion)
My friend is a deductivist. One moment I talk about the weather today; we somehow end up talking about pink elephants.
by Antisarcasm June 14, 2022
When something looks moderately good.
"Hey check this out!"
"Huh, it looks pretty nice."
by Antisarcasm November 11, 2020
"Hey dawg, want some ice cream?"
"Hell yeah! That's my fav!"
by Antisarcasm November 13, 2020
Hulk bruh is truly one of the bruhs of all time. A new and improved bruh.
She-hulk makes me wanna hulk bruh.
by Antisarcasm August 27, 2022
That moan expressed forcefully and jokingly by men.
Can we get a hooyeah~~?
by Antisarcasm June 23, 2021
• to distract; to confuse
to yeet (an object)
• — also throw — to make a mistake; to lose unplanned/accidentally
• to stresslax (See stresslaxing)
• That car horn really threw me off.
• I just throw my things off whenever I get home.
• Come on, dude, don't throw off now. You're almost winning!
• I always throw off cuz I'm depressed af.
by Antisarcasm May 11, 2022
• Something that a person has choked on

• Something/someone that chokes people
• A choke moment

There were no (good) noun forms of this, so I created it
: That game was a choke. It made me rage quit so hard.
: What a choker.
by Antisarcasm May 20, 2022