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Daddy Dom Little Boy

A sexual or nonsexual relationship between two (usually gay) guys, where the little is usually wanting attention from the daddy. This kind of relationship often includes things like punishment (usually spanking), stuffed animals, and in serious relationships diapers, sippy cups, or pacifers

Not a pedophilic relationship, just a form of BDSM

Also look at: Daddy , Little , and BDSM
Guy #1: Who's daddy's naughty little boy~?

Guy #2: Me! Me daddy! Punish me please daddy~ I've been a bad boy~!

Guy #3: Can you guys keep your ddlb relationship at your own house? This is just weird
by R 🖤 February 22, 2018
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DDLB or DD/LB stands for Daddy Dom / Little Boy it's a form of BDSM like MDLG/MDLB/DDLG
*insert name here* is in a DDLB relationship with *insert name here*
by _mister.misty.eye_ August 16, 2017
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