Musical satire of Iron Butterfly's Ina Gadda da Vida. The sheet music to this "hymn" was passed at by Bart Simpson and Millhouse prior to church commencement. The church attendees were led to believe that "In the Garden of Eden" was an actual hymn and sing the entire full length, 17 minute version.
The organist at Bart's church nearly dies while playing the organ solo during "In the Garden of Eden".
by Nadmenny September 11, 2006
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It is the location where Adam and Eve lived after god created them. It is from the Book of Genesis.
The Garden of Eden is a nice peaceful place.
by dermeister July 30, 2009
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The act of striping naked and soaking yourself in olive oil.
to maintain the best pleasure, you stick your dickhole in a Venus flytrap as your getting your boyfriend to rest his testicles on your eye sockets.
(eyes must stay open)
a rare, but pleasurable and fantastic sex position.
Winston: yewww hooo, Sebastian!
Sebastian: jesus christ Winston you startled me.
Winston: Hey, you wanna go to the garden in my backyard?
Sebastian: umm for what silly?
Winston: umm so we can perform the "Garden Of Eden" you thilly fucker
Sebastian: oohh my favorite, lets go<3
by joey smokesz April 28, 2009
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If expecting a hairy surface or object, and you are instead met with a clean, well cut area. This area can be described as the garden of eden due to its unexpected well kept nature.
by redwingsisinlove April 20, 2011
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A mixture of 3 different methylenediolixed Phenethylamines, MDMA (Adam), MDEA(Eve), and MBDB (Eden). It's also nicknamed a "Heaven on Earth" roll. Said by Shulgin as the best mixture, at least from methoxy Phenethylamines stand point.
I was did one hell of a mixture and rolled a bit too hard on that Garden of Eden Roll you gave me.
by Reo the Eagle December 31, 2005
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When your hair is so long it covers your chest/boobs/nips like Eve in the Garden of Eden.
My hair grew so much during quarantine I now have Garden of Eden hair!
by Kilij522 January 19, 2021
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