Excellent. Superlative. Top notch. Used to express delight, satisfaction, victory, or pleasant surprise.

This comes from an episode of "The Simpsons" in which the geeky and unpopular character Milhouse enjoys a small number of fortunate happenings, such as finding Ten Dollars. In response to the lucky occurrence, he exclaims "Everything's coming up Milhouse!" The total expression is reduced to "Millhouse" for convenience. Millhouse is a misspelling of Milhouse.
1: Yo, dood, I just found 10 bucks!

2: Millhouse!
by Tom Cerveaux April 09, 2008
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A Simpsons character being a young boy with glasses.
Hey look, it’s Sam!”
“He kinda looks like Millhouse!”
by what’s cracking lads January 11, 2020
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To 'do' a 'Millhouse' is an action; similar in execution to that of feltching small rodents - except that this is usually done by someone small, bespeckled and with a fiesty attitude. Beware - someone caught 'doing-a-Millhouse' is likely to become very aggressive when confronted. Best turn a blind eye and walk away slowly - covering and holding firmly one's own crotch area.
Person 1: "Yo Nigga - see that Honkey ova 'there; he doin-a-Millhouse"

Person 2: "Shit Home Boy - that sure is some disgustin' stuff goin' down - he oughta be ashamed of his skinny white-ass"

Person 1: "fo-shizzle - he one sick mutha - you just gotta feel for that Rodent"

Person 2: "Word... take a look at his face tho - he in real deep homey.."
by Morale Suppression Officer December 10, 2003
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The state of being intoxicated to the point where one looses all motor functions and coherence.
Person1: Did you see Trevor last at the party last night? I heard he drank 22 beers.

Person2: Yeah dude he was fucking millhoused.
by Sdavis60 August 29, 2018
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to spill whiskey on electronic devices
"his ipod got millhoused at the hotey."

"careful with that drink! you're gonna millhouse your game cube."

by mulberrysdream May 11, 2008
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drinking... driving.. spinning out into a curb at speed wrecking your Z...
Don't Millhouse your Z by putting it into the curb at speed while getting your drink on you stupid teenager!
by sober driver August 12, 2008
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When a romantically-linked couple could easily pass for brother and sister.

An individual who chooses to date someone who shares their physical characters is worthy of ridicule as they are presumably guilty of narcissism (at best) or incest (at worst).

Can work as well for homosexual couples who bear a familial resemblance, prompting assumptions that they are brother and brother, or sister and sister.

Origin: From the Simpsons, Bart's long-suffering sidekick Millhouse Van Houten has similar blue hair, thick eye brows, and large glasses as both his mother and father. Additionally, it is possible given Millhouse's poor judgement that his parents do in fact share the same genealogy.

From "The Simpsons: Season 22, episode 3 entitled: MoneyBart (2010)
Bart has provoked his noted-feminist sister Lisa with dismissive terms such as "Honey Pie" and "Tootsie Pop". Prompting Nelson to interject with the following:

Nelson Muntz: Hey, get a room, you two.
Lisa Simpson: We're brother and sister.
Milhouse Van Houten: So are my parents ... I think.
Concerned friend #1: Do you think Matt's girlfriend kind of looks the same as him? I mean, they're the same height, same hair color, they even laugh at the same jokes...

Concerned friend #2: Oh yeah! Total Millhouse Parents.
by Piperdad June 19, 2012
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