One who plays the organ. Organists have an interesting culture, which is also very diverse. An organist might play any sort of organ (pipe organ, Hammond, theatre). And, there are many types of organist-

The Diva-
These organists will be inclined to jump up behind the conductor at somebody else's choral recital and give cues as they see fit.

Non-technical player-
Somebody who just knows how to turn the blower switch on and pull out the right stops. The have no idea how an organ pipe works, and now much of a clue how the organ itself works.

Old lady-
Yeah, the old blue hair that plays the organ at the local Roman Catholic parish. She never pulls out any more than three stops and likes to take it slow.

The 50% organist-
A pianist who is passing for an organist. They usually play on one manual and don't use pedals. Enough said.

The good organist-
These organists can play both Bach and French Romantic, as well as many other types of organ music. They can register well, and play cleanly. Fortunately, such organists are usually well mannered.

The passable organist-
This organist can play hymns well, but not much else. Fugues may confuse them, and sometimes they can't register that well. They are good for regular, nothing special Sunday services.
Rev. Edwards: Who is your new organist, is he good?

Rev. Andrews: Yeah, but he is such a diva. You should see him conduct the congregation from the organ loft.
by the_organist March 28, 2009
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1) A masterbater.
a) Someone who is a loser and can't get any, so they have no choice but to materbate.
b) Someone who has chosen to be celibate for religious reasons, but still has urges, and so quietly and privately masterbates from time to time.
c) Someone who gets plenty of sex, but is so super horny that they have to masterbate between fuckings.

2) Someone who is an expert, and possibly even a professional, at playing OTHER PEOPLE'S organs. A slut or a whore.

1) The Flying Nun loves to play her organ!

2) In CORVETTE SUMMER, Annie Potts played a professional organist.
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An individual who believes one sexual organ is better than the other.
"Owen is not sexist because he thinks dick is better than vagina. He's just an organist."
by rebetica November 2, 2017
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means one who plays organs. an organplayer. Often used in my family about peolpe who walk funnily. People with such a walk that would make it impossible for them to play the pedals on a church organ
Look at that organist! He must work for the ministry of sillywalks!
by patrick wilder December 21, 2004
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bros like me for real, in relation to something
“what’s a dad?”
“omg, that’s organistic for reals
by bangichdeng April 11, 2023
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A person that plays the organ and 99 percent of the time gay/ lesbian and are the most metaly inane people in the world
Well last night I met a organist and now my ass hurts and I'm debating everything I thought I knew
by SKYBOSS2768 July 22, 2019
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A Musician who like to add several Ornaments to ever passage as often as he/she can. They tend to use techniques such as the hand shift and vertical toes if they are short enough. They tend not to like other organist who do not agree with them. They call others things like ignorant stupid close minded and other things directly to there face on online video streaming sights like youtube....

Baroque organist are totally awesome. What? No they are not! You are close minded and a blind ignorant fool
by That other random guy February 16, 2009
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