Alexander Sasha SHULGIN (born June 17, 1925) is a pharmacologist, chemist and drug developer.

Also used as slang to refer to someone who grow, produces or synthesizes there own illigal drugs.
"Hey did u kno Mike is a Shulgin, he grows his own marijuana and shrooms."
by Lastin July 7, 2006
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Named after the renowned pharmacologist and chemist Alexander Shulgin (Born June 17th, 1925), Shulgining is the act of carefully titrating the dose of a psychoactive drug until the desired effects are obtained. When the desired effects are reached, the user knows which dose to take for subsequent sessions.
I just made this Kratom extract, but I'm unsure of its potency. I'll just Shulgin it.
by phenethylamine November 30, 2016
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"Shulgin's babies" refers to any of the huge number of psychedelic hallucinagens described by Alexander Shulgin in his books PiHKAL and TiHKAL. It is most often, however, associated with those that he invented, especially the 2C line of phenethylamines (2C-B, 2C-E, 2C-T-21, etc).
"I dropped some of Shulgin's babies last night and the smoke detector started to melt and my chair was smiling at me."
by bookkeep June 18, 2009
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