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Alexander Sasha SHULGIN (born June 17, 1925) is a pharmacologist, chemist and drug developer.

Also used as slang to refer to someone who grow, produces or synthesizes there own illigal drugs.
"Hey did u kno Mike is a Shulgin, he grows his own marijuana and shrooms."
by Lastin July 07, 2006
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Named after the renowned pharmacologist and chemist Alexander Shulgin (Born June 17th, 1925), Shulgining is the act of carefully titrating the dose of a psychoactive drug until the desired effects are obtained. When the desired effects are reached, the user knows which dose to take for subsequent sessions.
I just made this Kratom extract, but I'm unsure of its potency. I'll just Shulgin it.
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by phenethylamine November 29, 2016
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