Error 500 or 404 when attempting to access your penis.
I tried to have a baby, but impotence prevented me
by Zohan March 23, 2004
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When a guy can't get or can't sustain an erection.
I wanted to have sex, but he was impotent.

His impotency was embarrassing.

by Nadarien July 31, 2010
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When a normal man is unable to obtain a stirring of the loins when confronted with an attractive young lady. This is sadly common. It is often associated with old age or prostrate difficulties. It produces extreme melancholia in the male; a feeling of worthlessness, of being unable to satisfy a woman, which - in extreme cases - can lead to suicide.
‘Sidney totally impotent and can’t get a hard-on, even when Doris wears her baby-doll nightie!’
by Colonel Barnaby January 23, 2023
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the act of not being able to get hard, commonly when needed
I went to bang my girlfriend but i found i had become impotent
by darkbutterz February 9, 2006
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The inability to arouse the penis, often times caused by severe trauma.
Cody's horrible impotency could only be prudently remedied by glancing at his hot mother.
by Zaid Williams January 9, 2004
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Impotent is Having a flacid penis.

1. Not being able to satisfy a woman no matter how hard you try.

2. A dick that dosent work properly. I have a hard time cumming. It can be embarrassing.
I have a flacid penis which is impotent- I get 'nervous' around the ladies. It dosent help my flacid penis.
by sonni vitale. February 15, 2008
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impoter sus

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Cyan: impoter sus
Red: Who's The Impoter?
Cyan: impoter
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