A fucking genius. He has a mad trim. Absolute jowka. Not arrogant and not emotional.
Ijaz is a top man.
by CamDic November 6, 2017
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Ijaz is a very smart girl and is really athletic he will or now is a player in middle school
Boy:hey look at Ijaz she looks really smart
Ijaz: heck ya i am
by Grizzly Bear XD May 27, 2019
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Ijaz is a very rude person. He is a shitass and is very selfish.
Person1- Dude is that IJAZ??
Person2- Mhm, he is such a shitass
by s0leil October 26, 2020
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Known for an extinct species of rhinoceros, aka the black rhino. has a horrible sense humor and fashion. But in the end is still a gg.
Don't be an ijaz.

When referring to the rhinoceros:

Damn I wish Ijaz's weren't extinct
by Gossipgirlxoxo November 27, 2016
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The absolute height of coolness and sexiness,People feel blessed just to get a glimpse of him,extraordinarily and unbelievably goodlooking,The desire of all women,men want to be him and try to imitate him but to be a True Fouzan Ijaz it must come naturally.
"I wish I could find myself a Fouzan ijaz,because all other guys are so shit"

Boy1: Man if you keep this up you might just become a Fouzan ijaz
Boy2:Are you nuts? I can work all my life but I can never be Fouzan ijaz there is just no way
by Theboss117 September 9, 2013
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She's the sweetest girl i know. I love you Duaa <33333333
I would die for Duaa Ijaz.
by 444taurus April 7, 2022
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