The holy name dance is a crazy dance in west roxbury massachusetts. Everyone goes wild there are like no chaperones. Its grinding right and hooking up left. Even if you are ugly you are bound to have a good time at this dance. Holy Name is the place to be its the best dance alive.
Girl A." Hey how many guys did u get with at holy name dance."
Girl B. " I can't count."

Boy A. "Dayumn I didnt get tickets to holyname."
Boy B. " Sucks for you its the best dance ever."
by Dannncnerrr October 27, 2010
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Probably the most liberal of the assorted private and parochial schools in Berks County. Holy Name's student body may not be as racially diverse as other schools, but the students tend to be very open to those different from them, especially when it comes to upperclassmen (i.e. laxers hang out with art kids during frees).

The school itself is a kind of place where it is really up to a student whether or not he/she wants to be challenged. The school environment is very much centered on the humanities, and graduates from Holy Name are usually accepted into the best colleges.

Many of Holy Name's students and alumni come from a wide array of different, yet prestigious, towns such as Wyomissing, Gladwyne, and Green Hills. This particular high school also happens to have a high number of students who come from wealthy, W.A.S.P.y families, resulting in jealousy and rivalry from other local private schools.

You know you see a Holy Name girl if...
1.) She is wearing either a pale yellow skirt with a Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, or Lacoste polo (Spring & Fall Uniform), or a plaid, pleated skirt with a white, yellow, or other boring colored oxford shirt (Winter Uniform).
2.) She is extremely tan, good looking, and wearing pearls in her ears.
3.) She is riding in sweet beamer.
4.) She is passed out drunk and trippin' in the basement of a guy 5 years older than her.

You know you see a Holy Name guy if...
1.) He is wearing navy (sometimes khaki) pants with a Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, or Lacoste polo (Spring & Fall Uniform), or navy pants with a white, yellow, or other blandly colored oxford shirt (Winter Uniform).
2.) He has the "shag hair", is playing lacrosse and/or football, and is surrounded by sluts.
3.) He is either driving or vandalizing someone's "sweet beamer".
4.) He is beer bonging, smoking pot, snorting coke, or popping speed in one of his "homie"s basements or backyard.
Drug Dealer : Man, I really need to sell this shit.
Man: Hey , I heard there's a Holy Name party tonight in Gladwyne .. those rich kids are ALWAYS up for a good time!
by obxguy September 1, 2005
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A pretigious co-ed "Catholic" school situated in Reading, PA, about 1 hour outside of Philadelphia. Despite traffic jams, oversleeping, late carpools, and staying at home to write a paper due later that day, Holy Name students eventually show up on campus to bond over food, frees, and fake tans. Girls are both Tiffanified and pearl/ribbon belt wearing sluts, and artsy Hot Topic wearing, dyed haired rock chicks; despite "differences," everyone ends up as good friends by senior year. As far as reputations go- Holy Name is breeding grounds for sluts... HN girls are therefore no strangers to weekend bedroom excursions with Hill, Prep, Central, and of course, HN guys. As for the guys - they're notorious for cheating on their girlfriends with whoever they can find.
Holy Name girl 1: OMG, so Mary Margaret hooked up with Pat M and Pat K at Katie's house...
HN girl 2: Um, why do you care, I hooked up with him at the mixer, and then he hooked up with some Central girl...
HN girl 1: Yea, but I hooked up with him twice right after... and I want him to come to Get Together... ohhh let's go get pretzels from the receptionist!
HN girl 2: It's ok, we can ask Mike R and Mike T instead... oohhh no it's Sarah's birthday, she has cake! And then we can go get pretzels. Oh! And can I borrow your Bible?? I lost mine or something.
by Maria Lawrence September 1, 2005
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A nice little parochial school in the Philly metro area. Holy Name is a great place. Yes, there are the occasional Holy-Name girl "sluts" and maybe some girls there are plastic, (fake) blonde wanna-be barbies but at least everyone gets along pretty well. There aren't really many cliques or "popular group"..there are just people who think they are better than everyone else.

Since the class sizes are small, its easier for everyone to bond and get a better education. There are plenty of fun events like Spirit Week and Blue and Gold games. Most of the kids that go there are very diverse when it comes to money and style. During frees you can see the preppy blonde girl working and laughing with one of the dark artsy girls.

The boys can be a bit sleazy, but most guys are!

Okay, there are a LOT of rich families, but I'm sure that just as many people get scholarships and financial aid that was probably given by rich alumni. The carpool line contains Saabs and Nissans AS WELL as Mercedes and Lexus.

Friendships here are strong and are made stronger by the fact that everyone at HN is super freindly and outgoing. We have the most spirit and fun out of anyone in the archdiocease!

All the friends I have made here have changed my life and been nothing but accepting. They take me for my crazy self and nothing less! Nevermind that girl in the corner with the orange tan and nose job.
Holy Name is an amazing school.
by Catagirl September 1, 2005
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Whoa, you beat Wilson in basketball. Sorry that you lose to Wilson in most sports, at least the ones that matter like football. The only reason you win in b-ball is because you bring in some black kids from innercity Reading that have 40 inch vertical leaps and have been playing basketball all their lives. If you want to be proud that you lower your academic and social and economic standards to win a game of basketball every winter.

Now...yes, as someone mentioned, it is a private school you pay for. Holy Name and Wilson, while both good schools academically and socially, are the exact same pretty much. the only difference is that Holy Name costs more than $15K a year and Wilson is $0.

Holy Name's girls, while trashy sometimes, are hot. the problem for Holy Name guys is that these girls HATE Holy Name guys, and i dont blame them. the girls tend to want Hill and prep guys, and some Wilson.

Holy Name kids have money, and some of them are old money, so i dont want to rag on you all too much.

But all said: Holy Name is a fine school in most respects, although you could do a lot better

And by the way, flipping your collar is old now, because all these kids who shouldnt be doing are doing it, so its out of style.
At a party:

Holy Name girl 1: wow, is that a HN guy? he almost looks like a hill guy...should i hook up with him?

HN girl 2: nah, theres a real hill guy over there, why dont u work some game on him? you might need to get him a beer or five so he overlooks your various STD's though..
by Joe Shmoe .. September 1, 2005
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A school in Almonte which is riddled with student cliques and teachers who ignore bullies and blame victims. The "Bully Prevention Program" actually teaches students how to bully. Intelligence, using commuters and passing your classes results in you being hated by all students. Not being related to all the other students in the school also causes you to be alienated. Most (not all) are lazy and unable to teach anything. The interior of the school is dark and the yard is rundown and muddy. The three portable classrooms are poorly built and dangerously cold. Bottom line this school is a hell hole and sending you are better off sending students to Alcatraz then to this school.
Aidan: Dude what do you have against Holy Name Of Mary?
Ralph: Where do I begin...
by ya its me also September 12, 2011
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1. A Catholic all-girls school in Seattle, Washington. One of the most prestigious and academically rounded schools in the Northwest. The stereo type is that we're all a whole bunch of nerdy lezbos that are afraid of dudes.
2. The truth is, we're all a bunch of sexually deprived boy-crazy bitches who will do ANYTHING with ANYONE. Although there are some of us who resent both of these stereotypes don't fit in to either categories and are actually normal.
1. Look at that dude reading Hamlet in the corner. OH WAIT, that's a chick. She must be from Holy Names Academy.

2. Dude, I totally banged Samantha last night. I was kinda off my game at first, but then I realized it didn't matter because she was from Holy Names, and she'd do anything with me no matter how off I was.
by BraceFace99 January 8, 2009
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