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To eat over 60% of someone else's food, or food prepared for multiple people, such as at a barbecue.
Don't Solon those ribs, my man.
by Mr. Smefflenofagus December 09, 2010
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a town (suburb of cleveland) where the white majority tries to take credit for the sports achievements of the blacks and the academic achievements of the asians
solon is overrated
by pippy p. poopypants September 24, 2009
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A city where some super awesome kids live.
Also known as some Greek or Roman dude.
"Where are you going this weekend?"
"Solon, because it's amazing and very NON-snobby."
by heyyeveryone March 26, 2009
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The community of Solon, OH is very upper class. It has many people rich and poor and chinese because of the Solon Apartments. It is a more wealthy environment. Kids are exposed to many nice things. Solon City Schools is one of the best public schools in the country.
"What should we do tonight?" "Lets go to solon and hang out at the bowling ally or restaurant!"
by SHSchoolss May 23, 2009
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An overrated southeastern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Solon is known for its wasteful city services and hyped schools. Solon schools reluctantly accept blacks and asians but smartly take the entire credit for their achievements which mostly are the result of student brilliance and parental hard work.
I study in Solon High School.
by mustardseed April 27, 2010
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solon is a rich school district in ohio also known as 'the land of the rich and home of the gay'

most solon students are snobby whores who dont have any thing better to do then to smoke pot and spend money. the solon community truly belives that they can do what ever they want because they are snobby rich kids with no lifes..
none of them have friends and all of the high schoolers have lost their virginity's!
this is the common response to this definition from the solon kids: ''wtf? im onna sew 'em!" "whatever.. wanna go do it?" "yeah lets go beat the record of sluts and hoes in one community!''
by got u now.. August 12, 2008
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A straight god.
β€œSolon is a straight god!”
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