To eat over 60% of someone else's food, or food prepared for multiple people, such as at a barbecue.
Don't Solon those ribs, my man.
by Mr. Smefflenofagus December 10, 2010
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A city where some super awesome kids live.
Also known as some Greek or Roman dude.
"Where are you going this weekend?"
"Solon, because it's amazing and very NON-snobby."
by heyyeveryone March 26, 2009
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The community of Solon, OH is very upper class. It has many people rich and poor and chinese because of the Solon Apartments. It is a more wealthy environment. Kids are exposed to many nice things. Solon City Schools is one of the best public schools in the country.
"What should we do tonight?" "Lets go to solon and hang out at the bowling ally or restaurant!"
by SHSchoolss May 23, 2009
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Solon, Ohio is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. It is full of culture and has many intersecting ideas. AKA "land of the rich and home of the gay"

Solon's claim to fame is it's schools, lets take a look at each one of it's schools!

Solon High School - In the words of a real life student, "If you had to describe SHS in four words, it would be, cold classrooms, hot classrooms, slow walkers, and PDA."

Solon Middle School - People say that middle schoolers are bad, but some SMS students are on a whole other level. The 7th graders are crackheads, and the 8th graders are the same but bigger. The literacy teachers are bad.

Orchard Middle School - Worst school, worse than SMS, especially the leadership.

Parkside - Best School Ever (especially Mr. Connor)

Roxbury - OK. But a wierd building, its rectangular and its old.

Lewis - Barely in solon. Its on the outskirts. Near a church ig.

Solon's student base consists of nice elementary school kids, academic tryhards, or entitled rich kids.

Solon also has some good resteraunts:

- Rusty Bucket (5/5)

- 56 Kitchen (5/5)

- Dominoes (1/5) (the owners are pedophiles)

- Geonenos Pizza (5/5) (best pizza)

Thanks for coming to my ted talk
by cheezitsman March 14, 2022
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a town (suburb of cleveland) where the white majority tries to take credit for the sports achievements of the blacks and the academic achievements of the asians
solon is overrated
by pippy p. poopypants September 25, 2009
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An overrated southeastern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Solon is known for its wasteful city services and hyped schools. Solon schools reluctantly accept blacks and asians but smartly take the entire credit for their achievements which mostly are the result of student brilliance and parental hard work.
by mustardseed April 27, 2010
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