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A hot and passionate individual with Latino origins and means fire or fiery one. Think ignite when thinking of Ignacio. They tend to bring the heat with whatever they do. A shortened form is Iggy.
"Who's the hottie?"
"Oh him? That's Ignacio."

by stevie b. polar April 24, 2009
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The most amazing man you will ever meet. He looks like a greek god and has a golden heart. The one man you will fall in love with in life and never forget. They tend to be the greatest father's and beautifully loving lovers.

Ignacio's are worth every moment of investment because they are intelligent gentle natured and just amazing!
Who is that hottie she's with?'s an Ignacio wow, what a lucky girl.
by moochlo February 05, 2010
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One of the best people I've met. He will make you fall in love with him and you'll never forget him. Try your hardest to keep this perfect person in your life. He will make you laugh when you're in a bad mood. You can't stay mad at him. Ever.
I'm in such a bad mood
Hey get Ignacio over here. If anyone can help it's him
by Okiedokieartichokie April 26, 2017
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a person who has wierd hair.
Feel free to say 'no me gusta tu pelo'
Person 1: Gee that person has an ignacio hair
Person 2: Omg true dat!
Ím having an ignacio day today :(
by ignafuck June 04, 2011
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Someone whose real name is Daniel, but is called by his last name (Ignacio) so people don't confuse him with other, fatter Daniels. He is generally good-looking and has a glowing personality. To some people he may seem shy, but once you get to know him he's the exact opposite.
"Did you see Daniel today?"
"You mean Ignacio?"
"Yeah, the cute Asian one."
by A Ninja Named Michelle April 19, 2010
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A creepy pedophile who carries a knife. He will normally kill or rape you.
Help! It's Ignacio!
via giphy
by aghewughpag June 07, 2018
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