A magical being. An idan is a boss, a king.
An idan is a person attributed with lots of respect, power and influence.
Josh is an idan
by Idàn May 11, 2023
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Idans are Israeli men who are the epitome of awesome. Most Idans struggle to cope with their sexiness, yet spend much of their time reaping the benefits of their innate majestic aura. The best definition, all the while appreciating the limits of the English language, is: Idans are the quintessential men.

Note: Idan may even be used as an adjective.
Bob: If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be?
John: Including superheros?
Bob: Sure.
John: I'd be an Idan.

Dan: That's the coolest thing I've ever seen - that was idanness.
by truthspeaker85 April 9, 2010
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Idan is a really peaceful guy who is quiet externally but truly the sweetest bean. He is very intelligent and just wants to help people.
Idan is such a nice guy. He helped me carry my stuff home the other day.
by zirain April 15, 2020
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Idan is the most smartest person in the whole universe.
Idans have kindness and they also have a really good heart, they will always help people in need.
Most of the Idans are from Israel and they are Jewish, too.
Idans can melt girls hearts with their huge sexiness.
Idan can be used as some sentences.
Lia: wow Eric! you look so Idan today!
Eric: awww thank you.
Lia: hold up, let me take a picure with you. We will be so popular if I will get a selfie with you.
Eric: let's do it!
by my username will be ANONYMOUS December 21, 2020
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A person of Mystery , who only does epic stuffs
Someone with aura who gets what they want when they want
An Idan can do and undo
Richie : Ade you no dey hustle but you dey always get doings
Ade : what can I say I be IDAN
by Alade May 12, 2023
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An extremely sexy person. Idans tend to be good looking, and their looks are too hard to handle. Idans are constantly envied by other girls for looks, brains, or qualities.
God, I wish I was Idan!
by googlelovesme July 16, 2011
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