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A brilliant mind, made for bettering the world. She sees into the depths and pulls people to the light. She is unknown while knowing everyone. She hides in the caverns of her own soul only to become more extravagant. She is beautifully and intriguingly loyal. She is a mystery.
by PoeticProphetess June 03, 2018
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The term used to describe the act of when an individual takes a shit in the tank of a toilet, usually done as a result of revenge or a practical joke played on a less favourable person. When they flush the toilet, the shit is filtered through and exposed into the basin, where it creates a foul smell and a dirty basin.

The Source from where it's coming from remains a Mystery
hey man, reckon i should leave a mystery in that guys toilet ?

nah man, took me weeks to find where the smell was coming when someone did it to me
by klippodapoomaster April 09, 2009
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something you have to find out, or you dont know and never will.
Or something sexual, that you don't know, and await to find out.

"your sexual orientation remains a mystery"
by call me kaitlin February 03, 2009
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1) An object of romantic or sexual interest. Doesn't need to be only a hard-to-reach attraction--can also be a boyfriend/girlfriend. Usually, a mystery is a boy when referred to in a group of girls.
2) A euphemism for just about anything.
1) Girl 1: How's your mystery, love?
Girl 2: Oh, just spiffy. We were mackin' yesterday.
Girl 1: I'm totally jellin'... I wish I had a mystery.

2) Oh, fuck! I just stepped in some mystery!
by brankie February 22, 2005
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certain type of cult activity in ancient greek, it was well guarded secret, cult members committed rituals and drank several drinks (wine),and likely mushroom and plant extracts like junkies nowadays and they saw interesting hallucinations about their god dionysos.
Dionysos mystery and demeter mystery were kept in secret. Who broke the silence oath, had to die.
by ptk January 13, 2004
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A person with a good heart.
Always wanting to give back to the community.
Never thinking about himself.
One of the best australian/international cs players around.
omg heaton is nothing compared to mystery.
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a person with an infinite sized penius.
Also Refereed to as God.
Derived from the latin expression: Humongo-penius-man
Mystery is better than CARMACK!!111
by eekekke March 19, 2003
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