A simple question to start up a conversation. However, few people actually are interested in what they are asking.
Bill: So.....how's the wife?

Frank: What the fuck kind of ice breaker is that?
by xenite July 10, 2008
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Someone who breaks the awkward silence. Some one who mentions something that has a lot of tension around it.
"So.... how did that histor test go?" inched Felicia. Sheila sighed.She was glad there was an Ice Breaker to help her ease her mind.
by Eliza Seton May 16, 2005
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The guy who takes one for the team. He's the guy who goes with the ugly/large/psychotic (delete as appropriate!) woman of the pack, so his mates can get off with their better looking mates. The move is usually an aggressive, bold action, so as to get it over and done with...
Spike: 'Look at Oggi necking the fat chick!'
Frank: 'Trust Oggi to be the Ice Breaker!'
Spike: 'We're quids in! Jingle bells, jingle bells, shagging all the way!!'
by ninjaradish April 15, 2009
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something which can break the ice, i.e. something to focus on to start a conversation, in order to prevent any awkwardness in a social situation
I really loved that girl's feet, they were so hot, so in order to keep looking at that beautiful sight, I figured a good ice breaker would be the tattoo she had around her ankle.

hmmmm....wonder if she ever suspected what I was REALLY interested in....? :)
by Robbie June 03, 2007
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a word used when u step in the wrong teritory or area of yo town or city
A yo we on ice breakers.We knead to get gone
by E-Chunky March 16, 2006
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Something to, yah know, "break" the "ice" ;)
Ex: "So I was bangin' this chick, right..."

Uhhhh, good ice breaker dude.
by Jakaloap June 17, 2008
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