To unnecessarily walk a large distance.
He went for a Ianto when he could have just asked for a lift.
by Kerny December 19, 2014
The best and kindest person you could ever meet he has his own opinions and will stick to them dont get in their way but make sure they know you care because it will make your whole life better
Girl; did you see Ianto earlier

Girl2 : yeah hes so spexy
by Gwen Harper September 13, 2020
A character from the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. He's the "tea boy" of the Torchwood hub. He cleans up after them, gets them everywhere on time, and looks good in a suit, to quote Captain Jack Harkness.
They meant to kill him off during season one, but the audience liked him so much, they decided too keep him.
He is also head the the cult King Ianto's Coffee Club, which is trying to replace tea with coffee as the official drink of the UK. Once he comes to power he plans to off Owen, yay.
Ianto? I need to hear those beautiful Welsh vowels!

Someone: Look isn't that the guy who plays Ianto Jones!
Fangirls: *melt in a Janto puddle*
by Giancoli February 12, 2007
Related to Godwins Law. Only instead of comparing an event to those of Nazis or Hitler, Iantos Law will claim the death of a fictional character is equal to or worse than the death of a real person.

Named after the death of fictional character Ianto Jones in BBC sci-fi drama special "Torchwood: Children of Earth". This death was taken badly by fans of the gay character, leading some to even claim it was equally or more traumatic that the deaths of actual friends or relatives.
"Hey, did you see the new harry potter? When Dumbledore died it was TOTALLY worse than when my 4 year old son was murdered"
"FFS, iantos law! :P"
by MonkeyMug July 28, 2009
engaging in gay sex

Origin - Jack Harkness tells Gwen Cooper in the TV show TORCHWOOD, "Gotta go, Weevil hunting with Ianto." This refers to Ianto Jones, who is Jack's lover.
Yeah, those guys TOTALLY just went Weevil hunting with Ianto.
by Elphabecca January 27, 2010
When that particularly annoying guy won’t shut up
Frank - “Shut up you nonce you’re like a Ianto”
Ianto- “let’s be honest we’re both nonces