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A stupid ass website that teachers assign tostudent to make them depressed, stressed, and want to die. For some reason they keep assigning it even though everyone complains about it.
Teacher (walking up to the gates of hell): Why am I in hell Satan, I thought I was a good person?

Satan (pulling a blue raspberry lollipop out of his mouth): bitch you assigned IXL you’re more like Satan than me. *throws devil horns to teacher* Thanks for stealing my job bitch, enjoy.
by Hijamiha November 07, 2018
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A useless, repetitive math website that causes he pulling out of hair, suicidal thoughts, stress, and maybe sometimes, computer damage.
"Dude what happen to your computer?"

"I was on IXL"

"Oh that explains it"
by skjbdisb March 20, 2016
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(Noun) A "Educational Learning Program" that makes you want to throw your Dell laptop out the window.
What happened to your laptop?
I was doing IXL.
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by HipsterHero November 02, 2017
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A hellish website in which innocent children take it up the ass while other kids pretend to be excited about how many questions they have answered to become teachers’ pets and get “special” treatment. Complete BULLSHIT!!!!
Kid1- Hey I’m in the hospital.
Kid2- Why
Kid1- Attempted ixl

Kid2- Never try that. Ever
by PigeonGaming August 09, 2018
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A useless website which teachers assign so that way it will "help" children's language arts. After doing this for half a minute, kids usually start cussing at the computer, throwing that chromebook out, pulling your hair, raging, etc.
"Dude, why is that computer beaten up?"
"Oh, I was doing Ixl"
by AwesomeSparky March 02, 2018
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The worst study website there is. It is bad thing. It will drive people insane. It leads to people ripping their hair out, stress, yelling, hurting themselves, and sometimes computer disasters.
"Why is all the computers in the computer room damaged?" person one said.

"There were kids on ixl in there." person two said.

"That explains a lot." person one said.
by BHeart June 01, 2017
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1. A time when you do something wrong and get hit hard or complete something frustrating and barely get rewarded

2. A thing teachers use so kids in school kill themselves over frustration and somethings that is useless And barely helps you learn
1. Bob: I just ixled

Randy: I know that sucks
2. Bob: Well after that torture I ixled

Randy: go back to the shock theory chair
by Toxicdue October 19, 2017
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