a dumbass website which induces side effects that include bouts of 'insanity', 'rage', 'suicidal thoughts' and more.

Be prepared to die when you go onto the site.

Tim: Oh my god, why is Timmy destroying the school's government-funded tiny-ass laptops?

Tom: Oh, he was forced to do IXL for 3 hours and he just lost it.

Tim: Oh, that explains a lot! Just the other day, He had to go to hospital in critical condition due to brain damage. Sad.
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by blueberry_pancakes January 16, 2019
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this one torture device that your parents and teachers force you to do and they silently watch as you snap the computer in half.

Use if you support cussing, suicidal thoughts, and all things FROM THE PIT OF HELL
p.s. Satan thinks paul mishkin can take over his job in hell.
Child 1: Hey why do you have that Pastor Olukoya prayer book?
Child 2: Im praying out the demons IXL put inside of me.
by IXLSUCKS April 06, 2019
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1. A time when you do something wrong and get hit hard or complete something frustrating and barely get rewarded

2. A thing teachers use so kids in school kill themselves over frustration and somethings that is useless And barely helps you learn
1. Bob: I just ixled

Randy: I know that sucks
2. Bob: Well after that torture I ixled

Randy: go back to the shock theory chair
by Toxicdue October 18, 2017
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Stupid ass bitch ass website that causes more deaths than anything in the world. Apparently in the App Store it has good ratings but we need to stop that. If u are on apple go there and give it a thumbs down. Plz no one likes that website and teachers do. We need to REBELL
Do you know that that dumbass website called IXL has more deaths than anything in the world
It causes Eye Ligma
A lot of kids suicide from that shit
by IXL is gay April 04, 2019
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The worst K-12 learning website to ever exist. It’s a site where kids get mad over losing points getting incorrect answers. Many kids that have to do IXL are depressed, and sometimes even suicidal. IXL is known to make many kids raged at the computer, and sometimes even break them.
Kid: I broke my computer yesterday, and my parents grounded me for breaking it.
Kid #2: What happened?
Kid: I was doing IXL.

Kid #2: Oh yeah, that. I nearly broke my computer as well.

College Student: I’m glad I don’t have to do IXL in college. Things are much better for me nowadays.
Senior: You’re lucky, but I still have another year of IXL. Just one more year of hell.
Junior: I got two years left which is even worse.
Sophomore: Three for me unfortunately.
Freshman: I just started high school, and I can’t believe I got four years of IXL hell.

Eight Grader: Wait, there’s IXL in high school!? WTF!?

Seventh Grader: The hell!? That’s even worse!
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by Excrushman April 27, 2020
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A terrible (worse than terrible) math and language arts website that teachers assign to their students so they get paid more
Self-abuse, suicidal thoughts and/or actions, computer damage, and many other things
*mom crying* "Why Timmy, why......"
Timmy's Headstone: Died of an ixl overload
by joshyyyyaboymate February 26, 2019
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A website that teachers use to anally rape kids with a sledgehammer and make them want to fucking die.
*Principal walks into class*
Principal: Why are all the kids hanging from nooses?
Teacher: Oh, I assigned some IXL
by thatsuicidalgingercunt February 28, 2019
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